Will 5G Help or Hurt Your Salesforce in the field

We have all heard that 5G is going to revolutionize cell phone communications with up to 100X faster speeds than the old 4G networks. This may be true for the average consumer however let’s talk about arguably the most important player in your organization the sales guy. Will 5G be a boon or bane to their daily sales life?The biggest difference in 5G is speed. So let’s start with the tech benchmark basics what do the telecom companies say our new 5G will do vs our trusty old 4G?
Verizon setup Hard Rock Stadium (site of superbowl) and the surrounding area for 5G to test it for fans. Expectations were that download speeds of up to 1 Gigabyte per second were possible and that it would dramatically affect latency issues with so many users trying to get on social media at once.5G Helpful – at large trade shows with lots of people using wif – they will be able to get access and speed much easier and faster than before.
They can transfer more information at a show – lets say they have a product video – talking to a potential buyer – here let me just send it to you – it’s only 100mb’s you ‘ll get it in under a second vs. here let me pull it up on my pad (now I don’t have an excuse to their email address) and show it to you. 5G in feld – for the near term nothing is going to change as 5G is only in a few largecities. 5G in the feld / future with technology fully developed – -Self driving cars – will be a huge plus for sales people – (these cars benefit from huge uninterrupted bandwidth).
Instead of worrying about a car crash – they can relax review their CRM for meeting notes, play any product videos, use voice recognition to upload notes to their CRM (see story: Sales Person’s AIDream ), go to prospects website to review videos, social media anything – bandwidth is no longer an issue. -Sales calls can easily be made on the road via video instead of just voice – increasing personal contact.-All of a sales person’s work that required wif and had to wait until driving was completed is now available while driving.