Did you know that Harvard Business Review discovered that just


of sales people sell 
of the goods & services 
in the USA.

Your Sales team needs your help.

We are all guilty of it. We find sales people, give them some targets and expect them to just perform .. much of the time they do not.

Only 20% of sales professionals actually meet or exceed their quota!

Ever ask yourself, what is it that this 4%, the super sales professionals do that your team isn't doing?

Wouldn't it be great to discover what these sales professionals do that is so different?

Well I had 1200 reasons to find out.

My name is David Forder. 

Prior to founding Sentia, I spent several years building what became a very large sales business with over 45 separate sales teams. 

With close to 1200 sales professionals on my books it became obvious that we had only a handful of super salespeople among them. About 4%!

We knew that if we could uncover the practises that made this 4% super, we could emulate this across the whole team and supercharge our sales results.

So I set up a project team to try to discover these secrets.

Finally, after

3 years

49 meets

7 test deploys

6300 hours of work

887 coffees

We did it.

My team managed to carefully quantify and document exactly what the super sales people did that others did not.


Certain processes that were quite unique.


Practises that were quite unexpected.


Underlying competencies

We then invested in building technology that would allow all of our 
teams to emulate these practices & processes with amazing outcomes.



when we compared the change in outcomes as teams migrated to the Sentia processes and software solution.



when we compared the change in outcomes as teams migrated to the Sentia processes and software solution.


time available

as teams migrated to the Sentia processes and software solution they enjoyed 2 hours per day returned to them



daily user adoption of the business' processes and software improved from 26% to 95%+

Now let us do the same for you and elevate your companys' performance.

We install Sentia on top of your CRM, integrate it with your calendar and email systems then launch it with your team. From Day 1 you will be winning.
Sentia will delight your team by completely changing their CRM experience and (for the first time ever perhaps) ensure that they will want to use it every day because it will work for them!

Our sales engineers next sit down with your subject matter experts and document your processes and once mapped out, Sentia is then configured, by us, to suit your unique business.

Each Sentia package includes training & coaching and professional deployment. We work with you to introduce the 'new & improved' CRM/Sentia system to each team member.

And we support you. We have incorporated live chat into each Sentia system making it simple to engage with our team any time and ask any questions at all.

On hand. Always alongside your team members. 

Book a call now and discover how we can make this happen for you.

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Sentia is a salesforce.com partner and our technology will work with all major CRM platforms.