The biggest struggles when using a CRM

Having spent more than a decade creating CRM applications that resolve a lot of these types of struggles, let me explain what I think most users do struggle with.
In terms of using a CRM, most would agree that struggles include
The complexity of the user interface
Most enterprise grade CRMs involve confusing page layouts. These tend to display lots of unnecessary information, data-laden screens and multiple, cluttered actions & options.
I think the challenge for CRM is that it has to be useful for many different types of staff in a company and in an effort to be ‘all things to all people’ software developers often throw in everything and the kitchen sink.
Because very few companies then put money into streamlining screens for each type of user, every person that logs in is faced with a cacaphony of fields, information and buttons or links many of which will not be relevant for them.
Data Entry
For many users, poor design in a CRM sees them spending far more time than ever having to enter data. If these users are not amazing at using a PC or great at typing, this can be onerous and time consuming. The average user on a CRM can spend as much as 20% of their time simply entering information.
No-one enjoys data entry and most CRMs have not put any work into making the data entry process as simple and as automated as possible.
Most CRMs are sold in to companies on the premise that they will be able to see exactly what staff are doing, what they are working on and whether they are being productive. None of us like oversight and the performance dashboards etc on CRMs can not give an accurate picture of a users’ workload.
Computer Literacy
Although all of us are more familiar with technology than ever before, there is still always a learning curve when faced with new software. If a user is able to do their job well and all of a sudden needs to learn a brand new process or methodology to fit in with a new CRM software package, this can cause serious struggles for them.
Feelings of inadequacy and stress will result.
These are just a few of the struggles that result from having to start using a CRM.
I also have a free white paper and resolving user adoption issues with CRM software available at this link here and a webinar coming up covering CRM and adoption here.