Sales Directors Are Managing Blind Without An Effective CRM

"I know that my team complains about the many hours they spend updating and navigating around our CRM. This pushback by my Sales team leads to huge problems for me.Our sales processes & workflows won't deliver, I can't help my team close deals effectively if I can't see what they are working on. With next to no visibility across my teams' activities and performance, I am flying blind and just doing my best to do my job."

1. You Need Your CRM To Work For You.

When embraced by your whole company, your CRM can be the most effective business tool that you have. It is a major investment but likely at the moment provides little payback.

Acting as a single source of truth, it should contain all of your sales data, Customer information, team activity, emails & service history and more.

When it does, the analytics, dashboards & reports that you can access will provide you a 360 degree view of the health of your business and allow you to optimize your productivity, grow revenue, minimize and mitigate risks and so much more.

An effective CRM is a 'must have' for every successful business. You need this system for visibility across the company.

2. But The Data In Your CRM Is Unlikely To Be Accurate.

To achieve this, you need your Customer facing teams to embrace your CRM. They need to opt in, maintain it and use it every single day!

Sales team in particular need to log all of their activity, most importantly they must ensure that their opportunities and pipeline data is accurate and up to date.

Statistics show that most of these types of users refuse to do this.

If they are not doing this work then all of the analytics, forecasts & dashboards that your team relies on will be incorrect - in this case bad data on the system can actually be worse than no data at all.


Average CRM Daily User Adoption

3. Why do Sales teams not embrace their CRMs?

OK. CRMs feel like “big brother is watching” and this naturally leads to salespeople viewing them as an activity monitoring system and source of reprimand. They all realize that marketing, finance, accounts, operations and other staff are not asked to record every single thing they do each day – so why do sales people need to do this?

Sales people who do want to fully embrace their CRMs can spend up to 20% of every day on data entry and maintenance! This equates to up to 2 hours a day when they are not able to be selling (Source : SFDC)

Sales professionals are very transactional. They do not reject technology. In fact they were the first to embrace cell phones, email, Linkedin and more. But they will not spend time on software that they do not feel helps them make sales.

4. Your Sales Team Is Swamped By The Amount Of Software They Are Asked To Use Every Single Day.

And, aside from having to spend hours a day on their CRM, most sales teams are swamped with other software and are being asked to use, every day, 10 or more other software packages!

So, Why Do You Need Sentia AI?

1. You need an effective CRM to excel.

2. It needs to be a single source for all of your business' customer activity, emails, pipeline data & more.

3. 26% of sales people refuse to embrace the CRM and so the data within is flawed & inaccurate.

4. The sales team spend 72% of their time switching between 10+ software packages every day now and only have 28% of their time available for selling.

Sentia AI Solves All Of These Challenges.


Sentia AI operates as a smart layer within your existing CRM to do all of these things that your team demand and more.

Within a simple card-based user interface, Sentia surfaces cards every day, in real time telling them what they need to do, what order to do these things, who to call, email or meet with, everything they need to know to makes these calls & meetings and much much more.

Sentia AI answers their needs.

  • Tells Your Team Every Day What To Do & In What Order To Maximize Outcomes.

  • Shows Your Team Where They Are At Against Benchmarks & Targets.

  • Coaches The Team To Improve Performance.

  • Simplifies The User Interface.


And, Sentia AI does all of the data entry and admin tasks. Sentia AI operates as a super smart sidekick!


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