Companies Need Their CRM To Work As A System Of Record

It is critical that your CRM acts as an effective system of record. But, for most businesses they do not as Customer facing teams won’t use them every day! 


Daily CRM User Adoption by
Customer Facing Teams

A system of record holds the most up-to-date and accurate information about all of the Company’s activity. Sales (& Marketing) team operations, pipeline & opportunity data, emails, tasks, notes – all Customer contacts and activity.

Most Company’s CRMs are failing as Customer facing teams refuse to embrace their CRM and religiously use it every single day to record all of their activity.
On average only 26% of customer facing teams use their CRM as required to every single day. (Source : Dealcode)

So Why Do Sales & Service Teams Push Back?

Your team is overwhelmed by the software they are forced to use at work, they do not believe that these applications add very much value to them in their roles and they will actively go out of their way to avoid having to use them.

In 2022 in the Salesforce ‘State Of Sales’ Report found that 66% of Sales Professionals reported that they are overwhelmed by the number of tools they are forced to use every day and are ‘drowning’ in sales software

In the same report, it was discovered that sales professionals are asked by their companies to use on average 10 software products every day.

This may sound a lot but consider that most sales teams need the CRM, Outlook or similar, Linkedin AND Linkedin Sales Navigator, Slack/Teams/Google Chat, a Contact tool such as Zoom Info or Apollo, Email Marketing software (such as Hubspot), a VOIP product of some sort,  Lead generation software, Pipeline management tools like Revenue Grid, Sales Loft , Sharepoint or some sort of CMS, Microsoft Office, now an AI tool & more

In 2022, Forrester discovered that up tp 60% of sales team members have considered leaving their jobs because of the pressure on them to use a companies CRM.

If Three Quarters Of Your Team Is Not Using Their CRM Every Day It Can't Possibly Work For You As A System Of Record.

So What Do Customer Facing Teams Want From Their CRM?

Your team want the software that you provide them to just tell them what they need to know every day to be successful. Who should they call, meet with or email. What should they focus on that day! 

It drives customer facing teams mad having to spend hours staring at reports & dashboards to try to determine where they are at in terms of performance, progress towards goals and in comparison to their peers. They want the software you provide them to just tell them.

Gen Z & Millenials in particular demand that the work they do every day is adding to their skills and ability. They want the software that they use every day to help them improve at their craft. Teach them. Coach them.

Given AI and modern capabilities, asking your team to spend hours a day on data entry and recording activity is mad.

They want the software to do the work for them so they can focus on the human elements of their work. The relationship building and person to person contact. 

The software that your team embraces and uses every day is social media software – facebook, X, instagram and even Linkedin all deliver insights to their users via a card based interface.

Your team wants their CRM to do the same. Push insights to them automatically on cards so they can focus on being productive.

With what is the most extensive integration of AI in enterprise software available, Sentia AI delivers all of this.

With a simple card based user interface, Sentia AI surfaces cards in your CRM detailing for every user exactly what they need to know, what they need to focus on, what order to work through these cards.

Sentia AI Operates As A Personal Assistant,
Business Analyst & Performance Coach For Every User.

So What Does Sentia AI Deliver In 
Your Current CRM?