Sentia Says ...

Doesn't Your Current CRM Need To Be Smarter?

Yes. I Need My Current CRM To Work Better For Me.

I’m A CEO Needing A Single Source Of Truth

I know that my Sales & Service team push back on using our CRM every single day. Unless they update their pipeline, their leads, their activity and all of their Customer contacts we are running blind. It can't work for me as a single source of truth on what's happening in my business. My management dashboards are full of flawed data.

Yes. I Need My Current CRM To Work Better For Me.

I’m A CFO Needing Accurate Analytics

I can't do my job without accurate data in the reports & dashboards that tell me what's going on in my business. I know that the sales team are terrible at keeping pipeline and opportunity data up to date and their activity data is all over the place. This leads to poor forecasting, no visibility across costs and even cash flow issues for me.

Yes. I Need My Current CRM To Work Better For Me.

I Run Revenue Ops & Need More Productivity

My success in Rev Ops rests entirely on reliable data. This ensures accurate sales forecasts and informed decision-making and good data improves customer targeting and retention. Poor adoption of our CRM by our Customer facing teams makes all of this impossible to deliver!

Yes. I Need My Current CRM To Work Better For Me.

I’m A Sales Director Needing Better Results

The pushback by my sales team leads to huge problems for me. Our sales workflows won't deliver, I can't help my team close deals effectively and I have next to no visibility across my teams' activities and performance. I am flying blind and doing my best.

Yes. I Need My Current CRM To Work Better For Me.

I Work In Sales/Service & CRM Does Not Work For Me.

The CRM I am forced to use is all about oversight and control over me. I would use it it if it added some value to my role but at the moment it does not. I just want it to tell me automatically what to do every day, how I am performing and how I can improve my performance without me having to spend hours staring at reports. make it simple and I will use it!

Sentia AI Is A Smart Layer That Changes The Face Of Your CRM.

We are a Salesforce partner but we can smarten up all major enterprise grade CRMs including

But Don't Just Take Our Word For It.

General Manager, Mining Services

Mike L.

"I have had experience with different CRM’s over the past 10 years but Sentia is a game changer. We are now seeing huge benefits of a visible pipeline of opportunities, and our rep activity has become focused clear and easily traceable with a tenfold increase in activity and customer contacts in the midst of the current downturn."

CEO - Financial Services

Jason B.

"Our CRM was always something that my team would groan and complain about. It was a huge investment for our business but we never felt that we were able to realize a return. Sentia has turned it around for us. My team is now focused, and I have complete visibility over all of their activity. Couldn't be happier!""

National Sales Manager, Appliance Industry

Michael A.

Having used salesforce.com for 3 years before we discovered Sentia, my team were constantly complaining about the amount of data entry that it required. Sentia has completely changed the value that our CRM now provides me. Everything we need to know is at our fingertips, data entry is next to nothing and our productivity is through the roof."


So What Exactly Does Sentia AI Bring To Your Current CRM?