CRM Adoption Magic

Hope you’re staying safe at home and weathering the pandemic as best you can.
I have always been a glass half full kind of guy and with that in mind I’m always looking for ways to improve myself via reading, training, seminars or writing about sales and marketing (last article). Long story short, as a marketing and sales person I’m not a big software fan. I’m a tool fan.
In other words whatever I use be it hardware or software I need to see that it makes my business work easier (by a noticeable margin) to consider it. Then I have to consider my team’s adoption of it.
Will this be something that they will quickly and easily buy into and I see a quick ROI or is it going to take a lot of training, cajoling and pushing to get them to use it?
Really that’s the bottom line isn’t it? The best tool in the world is useless if my sales representatives refuse to use it.
So, what do you do if you’re having problems with software, specifically CRM adoption and your team just doesn’t seem to see the value in your CRM implementation to their sales quota?
Throw up your hands, Give in and go back to your Cave Man era excel spreadsheets
Purchase the latest AI Enhanced Sales Robot
Hire a Llama to join your sales video meetings for a pep talk
Magic – Watch a world renowned CRM Sales Guru teach you how
Caught you off guard?
I know you went with the Llama!
Friendly AI Robot?
Both are excellent choices for a pep talk or one time get the team together but likely not going to actually get your team to use that darn CRM long term which is your goal. So what to do?
Three Steps to Improve your teams CRM Adoption Rate
Hire a world renowned CRM sales Guru
Develop a plan of action to gradually build your teams confidence in the system
Research CRM adoption white papers, read articles on adoption strategy
Watch a world renowned CRM Sales Guru teach you how
Okay, there are 99 more that I could go into or you can check out #4 CRM Sales guru on this video link
Just checking in as I know its groundhog day for many of us during this pandemic. Brains tease how many steps were listed on the three steps to improve list?
Feel Free to add CRM Adoption recommendations or questions in the comment section and hope I added a bit of humor to your day please follow me for more. Be safe & stay at home!