Beyond CRM with Sentia & AI

We are often asked just what is Sentia?

Sentia is a game changing AI driven platform integrated with ChatGPT and designed to help sales organizations maximize their productivity and achieve their goals all while still working in their CRM of choice.

In effect, Sentia operates as a personal assistant, analyst and coach for every team member dramatically driving performance improvement from day 1.

With its advanced features and capabilities, Sentia provides sales teams with the tools they need to succeed in a highly competitive market. It far beyond what a CRM, any CRM provides.

One of Sentia’s key benefits is its ability to ensure that new sales hires are productive immediately. By providing cards that surface automatically highlighting what to do each & every day and scoring these for priority, new team members can quickly begin contributing to the team’s success & making sales – literally from hour 1.

2. Another valuable feature of Sentia is the ability to clone the practices of the super sales people out there but across the whole team. By analyzing the successful strategies and behaviors of your top performers and implementing them across the entire team, you will improve outcomes and maximize results.

3. Sentia also offers super accurate forecasting capabilities, which can help improve cash flow and ensure financial stability.

4. Additionally, Sentia makes it easy to always know who is performing and who isn’t. By tracking individual performance metrics and providing regular feedback and coaching, sales managers can identify areas for improvement and help team members achieve their full potential.

5. Sentia also offers personalized sales coaching, technical writing, and research assistance for every team member, providing tailored support and guidance to help team members develop their skills and become more effective in their roles.

Overall, Sentia is a powerful platform that can help sales organizations achieve their goals and reach new levels of success. With its advanced features and capabilities, Sentia is a valuable tool for any team looking to improve their productivity and maximize their results.

Sentia removes the need for hours of ‘stare & compare’ to find out what you should be focusing on and virtually eliminates data entry.  Take your ‘system of record’ way beyond a CRM with

  • Deep AI integration
  • Lead & account insights

  • Suggestions for effective email & messaging creation

  • Plain english interrogation of sales & pipeline data

  • Mining of Company wide databases for insights

  • Automatic discovery of duplicate data

  • And much more.