5 Tips For Working Remotely During Covid.

Use the following tips to make working remotely easier and more productive!
Start early
If you commute to work normally you’re likely used to driving or taking a train to work. Instead use that time to dive right into work.
Keep your normal wake up routine – just start working when you would have been in transit. You’ll get more done by the time you normally start at the office and create additional flexibility for the rest of your day.
Most importantly you’ll feel like you accomplished something first thing in the am. Always good for remote working motivation!
2. Pretend you’re at the office
Start your day like you always do. Shower, eat, dress etc. as if you’re going into the office.
Then start early as noted in #1.
Some folks are challenged if they don’t get ready for a normal day because it creates that I can just go back to bed mentality which remote workers can’t indulge. It’s easy for your brain to say – I’m still in my PJ’s maybe a short nap would be nice.
If you wouldn’t do it in the office. Don’t do it at home.
3. Pick one place to work in your home
We have all read the articles on sleeping. Your room should be a place to sleep not to work, eat, watch tv etc.,.
The same goes for your “home office”. Choose a spot that tells you “it’s time to work”. That can be your home office or a room you convert to your office while working remotely.
By picking that spot you’re training your brain to associate that spot with work, just like your bed is for sleeping.
4. Try to keep your daily schedule the same as it would be in your office
The more you can keep to your normal schedule, calls in am, writing in afternoon, digital marketing at 10am etc., the easier your transition will be.
Most of us have peak times where our brain is fully engaged. Early risers often find that they are most productive first thing. Others need an hour for the coffee to kick in and still others are night owls.
You know your normal business rhythm. Do your best to stay close to it and you’ll perform at a higher level.
5. Use technology to stay connected
Use tools like Slack, Microsoft Teams and video conferencing apps to stay connected with your co-workers even if you’re under stay at home quarantine orders during this pandemic.
It is important from a mental health perspective that you stay engaged with your coworkers as well as prospects and friends. There are so many tools out there that are “distance” eliminators – we’re lucky in some ways this pandemic occurred now vs. 10 years ago when so much of the remote working tech was in it’s infancy. Most of us use these tools already – this is a time when we need these more than ever.
Working remotely has many benefits under normal circumstances. Today we need to be mindful that while working remotely we still need to stick to a regular schedule, stay focused and work smarter not harder.
Good luck on your remote working journey. Please tell me what remote working tips you might like to share.